Who is this service for?

Any owner of a hospitality venue where the government has asked for Customer visit tracking to be in place. This includes, pubs, gyms, clubs, swimming pools and restaurants.

Do I need to download something?

No! This is the beauty of the solution. Your visitors just need to open the camera and scan the code. They will then be provided with a CheckCode via text message. The SMS and CheckCode need to be shown to the staff when entering the premises or making a purchase.

What happens if the NHS needs to contact my visitors?

The NHS Test and Trace team will be in touch if there has been a risk of exposure within 21 days. The NHS will first inform the venue owner at which point we will ensure they have secure access to the data they need.

Who owns the data?

freedom20 will own the data on your behalf. One less thing to worry about.

How safe is the data?

We will strive to keep it as safe as possible. We only require a name, a phone number, the number in the group, the time at scanning and location. This is the minimum requirement for NHS Test and Trace to contact you. This data is stored for 21 days at which point it is deleted. We will be cooperating fully with the NHS to ensure any data transfer is safe and in accordance to their needs. You can read the terms and conditions here along with our Privacy Policy for Visitor Tracking.

How much will it cost?

It depends on your capacity, basic pricing for a small venue will start at around £10 per week. We’re trying our hardest to keep the price as low as possible. If we can make savings so will you!

When will this be available?

If you register now one of the team can get you set up within a matter of hours. Working up a thirst just thinking about it!

How do I know you’re compliant with the regulations?

Our solution is very low friction, requires no login or authentication and ensures we do the bare minimum to fulfil the requirements. In that respect it becomes easier to manage. We also have years of experience doing this.

Surely not everyone will have to check in?

One person in a group can be deemed to be responsible for notifying the other members of a group.


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